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Our Vision

To observe leadership that influences the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence. To advocate that wāhine are free to work, to be rewarded equitably, represent their own needs, to work free from harassment and oppression and attain a balance between work and whānau life.

Our Purpose

To liberate wāhine, tamariki and whānau from family violence by providing quality services, reframing their lived realities and to reclaim tino rangatiratanga.

Our Principles

  • WHAKAPAPA:  Relationships  built on kinship and reciprocity

  • TIKANGA:  Practicing with integrity

  • WAIRUA:  Honoring diversity

  • TAPU:  Promoting self-understanding and development.

  • MAURI:  Maintenance of the individual identity and values within a collective

  • MANA:  Inspirational leadership

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