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'If we get it wrong someone dies': A day on the frontline of the Women's Refuge

He is hunting her. Even as she sits, sobbing, finally telling her tale, he is searching. He has her car, her phone, her money and he's scouring the city for her. "He's going to kill me. How will you stop him from killing me?"


It's the little things...

Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu: although it is small it is a treasure. As the weather gets colder, brand new socks and underpants are on the winter wishlist for Porirua's

Te Whare Tiaki Wāhine Refuge, a sister agency to Women's Refuge.

Breaking Silent Codes AcrosS Australia,

AoteAroa New Zealand & The Pacific

Breaking Silent Codes Documentary
New York, March 2020

125 Suffrage and Breaking Silent Codes across Aotearoa New Zeland, Australia and the Pacific 2019 Gathering, 11-14 April 2019.

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